Welcome to the SPC Poetry Spot

The SPC Seminole poetry trail offers eight stops for poetic reflection on the boardwalk. The trail starts among the sandy upland scrub populated with coreopsis, black-eyed Susans, and grape vine. It then meanders through an urban wetland reclaimed by water lilies and pickerelweed supporting ducks and other aquatic animals. The trail dead ends and overlooks a pine forest grove. The poems were selected to honor Florida’s upland diversity and some of the poets it inspired. Seminole Tribal Chief Betty Mae Tiger Jumper’s simple birth song celebrates a newborn’s first day and all the days of a lifespan on Earth. SPC English professor Gregory Byrd’s poem, The God Who Speaks hears the language of nature. The naturalist poet and American philosopher Henry David Thoreau sees decay as the genesis of creativity.

Here, you’ll find a small sampling of verses honoring the swamp. I hope you also find a moment of silence and solitude. Happy walking.